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Welcome to Student Driver

Thank you for being a Student guys!

It's been a wild year so far so much unexpected that has happened, but at the same time so much opportunity, and out of the bad has come a lot of good, forcing us to get out of our comfort zones, saying yes and not no, and we have achieved so much in just a few months.

COVID shook up everyone's lives and schedules, and that has shaped Student Driver, I had the opportunity to buy a 1963 Datsun 320 truck I called 'Oppa', which means 'big brother', and from this project, I started to meet people i'd have never known otherwise, each leading me to new projects, experiences, learning and opportunities.

How we started

We started to recognize that the concepts and projects that we had assembled was something very special, we had some of the most experienced and recognized people in the industry guiding us, but at the same time they were excited by the innovation we were trying to build, it was humbling to see these legends admit they were students just like us.

We needed to commemorate and share the experiences with anyone that felt the same, so we decided to start this Student Driver community.

Where to from here

All we can promise is that we will keep pushing our project vehicles, tracking, sharing what we learn, spotlighting our heroes and creating innovation in anything we do. We are going to bring you a lot of exciting car related products and opportunities to join us in building a new automotive community with the type of people that think like us.

Thanks for supporting the project.

Sung Kang

Daniel Wu

Brendan McGrath



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