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SDxDPLS Collaboration

Student Driver has once again teamed up with a renowned brand to release a limited edition hoodie and T-Shirt. This time, they have partnered with DPLS (Deep Lifestyles), a Hong Kong-based lifestyle brand with a global retail presence and dedication to car culture. The collaboration has resulted in the creation of two unique hoodies and two shirts, available in black and white, packaged as a matched set.

The white hoodie features a bay area motif with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and a side profile of Daniel Wu's iconic Honda S800. The black version has the world-famous FuguZ built by Sung Kang emblazoned over an image of the Hollywood Hills. Both designs pay homage to the MAD Magazine Spy vs. Spy series, and feature the logos of both companies.

Only 250 hoodies and shirt 2-packs are available worldwide, making this limited edition a must-have for fans of both Student Driver and DPLS. The hoodies will be available for purchase starting March 17, 2023.

Both brands are known for their innovation and creativity, and the limited edition hoodie is a testament to their dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues for partnership and uniting our communities.

Fans of both brands are eagerly anticipating the release of the limited edition goods. With only 250 available worldwide, these hoodies are sure to sell out quickly. This collaboration between Student Driver and DPLS is yet another example of the exciting things that can happen when two great brands come together to create something truly unique.

For those interested in purchasing the limited edition hoodies or learning more about the collaboration between Student Driver and DPLS, be sure to visit their respective websites on March 17th, 2023. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of automotive and lifestyle history!

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