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SDxStreetOutcast Hoodies

Student Driver recently announced their collaboration with Ar Thai's Street Outcast (@streetoutcast) from the San Francisco Bay Area, to launch a limited edition hoodie. The hoodie, which came in grey and black, was individually numbered with only 400 units produced, and it sold out in just a matter of hours.

The two companies, Student Driver and Street Outcast, share a passion for the automotive industry, and their collaboration was the perfect fusion of their styles, expertise, and commitment to quality and innovation. The hoodie featured the iconic logos of both companies, designed to capture the essence of the modern car culture. Made from premium quality materials and with a comfortable, breathable design, the limited edition hoodie was the perfect choice for car enthusiasts and streetwear enthusiasts alike.

The success of this limited edition hoodie has motivated Student Driver and Street Outcast to look for more opportunities to collaborate in the future. Both companies are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality products and services and are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity in their respective industries.

The Student Driver and Street Outcast collaboration is a shining example of the power of partnerships and collaborations to unite our respective communities around the world. The launch of the limited edition hoodie has set a new standard for Student Driver's collaborations and partnerships, and the future looks bright for both companies as they continue to lead the way in their respective fields.

If you are interested in learning more about this collaboration or if you have media and collaboration inquiries, please contact Brendan McGrath at

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